I am in BILD 10 class yet again as usual on Mondays and Wednesdays during Summer Session II and then I go to work at Academic Computing and Media Services.  I have realized for awhile that my brain, body and soul has checked out of undergraduate classes and cannot wait to be a productive, contributing member of the working force.  I cannot wait to expand and grow in the real world and in useful applications besides most stuff that is taught in the classroom that really doesn’t apply for most people.  I am praying that I pass this class and get an A or B given that I’ve done all the homework and reading.  I definitely need to study more for the final and also prepare for the debate of Steroids Ban in the MLB that is next Monday.

Priorities are clearly changed when I’d rather work on some projects for work than pay attention in class.  Also the guy next to me is looking at parts for a AR-15 rifle so it may not just be that I want to work full-time, but that this class is just plain boring along with most.  It’s a pity really that this is the case given the 10s of thousands of dollars that is spent on a college education just for a degree, granted that the really help with obtaining a job.  A better balance in my experience is the mix of the best of both worlds.  Work experience, communication skills and an education.  I find that people with the combination make it further and manage the bookworms and nerds that only are book smart without the essential balance.  Personally, I’d rather manage them, get paid more and coordinate the big picture than do work on a small piece.  Without the project management most targets fall through.