The expectations for this movie were set high as the first one had an entire range of crowd laughing and enjoying this comedic movie. With this said, Hangover Part II was pretty hilarious, but was nothing unexpected besides the seeing she-mans. I didn’t like the ending how the 16 year-old Standford pre-med, violin player and future surgeon does not care at all that his finger is missing as well as his controlling and mean father. I also didn’t like that Justin Bartha’s character, Doug, didn’t get more time as he was gone for the entire adventure and just occasionally covered for them and we saw him talking on the phone. It would have been better if the entire “Wolfpack” + 1 was there. It would have made it feel more complete and possibly could have been more hilarious.

I definitely say it is worth watching, but definitely DO NOT BRING YOUR KIDS! I did not believe my eyes when parents brought there children to a movie with explicit language and scenes. I felt that it was selfish of them for not getting a babysitter and/or still watching this movie with them.