This post was originally intended for August 2010 – It arrived a few days ago and I am just finishing up all the services, Add-Ins, etc. on my Windows Home Server. The 4-built in bays of the chassis are full with the included 1 terabyte drive and 2 Western Digital EARS 2 gig drives, 1 Seagate 2 TB drive. I have another Seagate 2 TB drive that I will be moving over from the Drobo FS as well as a Western Digital 500 Gig black drive. I am thinking on how to connect them externally. Possibly through the eSATA port or USB 2.0 since the server is running Microsoft’s Windows Home Server with Drive Extender technology. Drive Extender functionality allows you to add hard-drives into essentially a software RAID where it will add drives to the “Storage Pool.”  This storage pool allows you to combine the capacity of all the drives together and see it as one drive making it easier to create shares.  For fault tolerance, you check the boxes on each share to enable “Folder Duplication.”  This spreads the data to 2 drives so you will not lose data if a hard-drive fails.  If one does, you just replace the drive and let the files copy to the new drive.  No harm, no foul to your data.

I also just received the Asus RT-N16 Gigabit Wireless router yesterday and immediately loaded DD-WRT and then Tomato. From what I’ve read Tomato blows everything out of the water. However, I am curious how DD-WRT is, but wanted to use it ASAP so didn’t play with it before loading Tomato.  Tomato is very lean and efficient along with successful implementation of QoS (Quality of Service).  This allows heavy users, like myself, to load several torrents even hundreds without any throttling and the router prioritizes traffic.  For example, while torrenting ordinarily the connection will slow to a crawl and won’t let anyone watch YouTube let alone browse the web with acceptable performance.  With properly configured QoS and the horsepower of this router, no difference is noticed and performance all around is lightning quick. I’ll be posting a follow-up once I’m able to use this 2 for awhile and put it through its paces.