I ordered two Virgin Mobile Wireless Network Router MiFi 2200 for use at work. This is my experience.


I opened one of the MiFi’s and activated it following the instructions. It took my monthly $50, but the performance is unacceptable and takes minutes for a website to load. I am a System Administrator and bought this product for use of the internet with a laptop, but cannot use this device as it is too slow and pages timeout and don’t load as well. The second MiFi is still unopened because of the issue I had with the first.

I bought this through a vendor on Amazon and filed a claim for a full refund because I’ve tested it in multiple full signal coverage areas and this performance has all been horrible or unusable with page timeouts.

Hopefully Amazon’s A-to-z Guarantee will have me covered.

I’ve ordered two Samsung 4G LTE Mobile Hotspots so hopefully this covers our needs. I’ll update once I receive and test them.