I received a call from Nimble Storage at work and never heard of them before this. I was invited to an event that they were putting on at AMC Mission Valley 20 for a premiere of the new movie Total Recall. This was a joint event with VMware, Veeam, Brocade and Nimble Storage. Clearly they have partnered up with big players in the Information Technology scene and was definitely worth taking a look at.

Upon research of their product, it looks like a perfect fit that will be a game-changer in the mid-market segment. Their SAN appliances are optimized for virtualization, data backup. Their patented CS (converged storage) Series of arrays incorporates their patented “Cache Accelerated Sequential Layout” architecture that uses SSDs as cache and high capacity SATA drives for long term storage. Nimble’s variable block-based compression technology delivers capacity savings of realistically 30%-50% with no impact on system performance. They are able to dramatically reduce backup and restore times all with minimal space consumption, eliminating backup windows, allowing for more frequent recovery points and enabling quick and efficient replication over a WAN. All of this is in a fantastic 3U form factor.

I have scheduled a demonstration and hope to have an evaluation unit for in-house testing.
I am hoping there product is everything it sounds to be!

Check them out at http://www.nimblestorage.com