I recently placed an order for a few Lenovo ThinkPads including the X230 series.  I saw that there was a mistake and proceeded to cancel immediately via email as well as calling their sales department.  I was told that it would be canceled for a few refund.  If by chance it ships anyways, they would send a UPS label for me to return it and that there would be no issues.  This happened on the 1st of November.

  • The laptops shipped and were delivered.
  • I immediately contacted them and received an apology for the inconvenience as well as shipping labels.
  • Lenovo received the laptops roughly a week from delivery date to me and the immediate UPS return.  It has been over 2 weeks running on 3 weeks that I have yet to receive a refund.
  • Several emails and an hour or so on the telephone speaking to someone abroad explaining the situation has been a waste of time for a situation that is easily resolved if the cancellation process actually worked.

It is quite ridiculous that their policy takes 3-5 days to cancel the order when it should be immediate especially if the cancellation is before any of the laptops are configured, prepared for shipping and shipped.

The kicker is despite their “policy” it doesn’t work.  At least they claim it is a full refund with no restocking fee, but only time will tell.

I still say and will standby my opinion that they make some of the most durable and best laptops out there on the market.