New Windows Server 2012 Role Service

  • Very specialized data compression technique.
  • Removes duplications within data without compromising integrity or fidelity
  • Stores more data on less space
  • Low impact-CPU throttling

Most useful:

  • Larger volumes
  • Infrequent changes

Compression/Reduction rate averages:

  • File Shares – 30-50%
  • Software Deployment Shares – 70-80%
  • VHD Libraries – 80-95%

Single Instancing is a system’s ability to keep one copy of content to eliminate data duplication and increase efficiency.  Data deduplication is better.

Enabling data deduplication on a volume – starts background task running with low-priority:

  1. Segments data into small, variable sized chunks
  2. Identifies duplicate chunks
  3. Replaces redundant copies with a reference
  4. Compresses chunks

Supposed 3% overhead according to:

  • NTFS Only
  • Not available with ReFS
  • Not on system partition
  • Not on removable drives
  • Primary partitions only
  • By default: only files older than 5 days

Enabling data deduplication on a volume

Import-module deduplication

Set-dedupVolume E:

DDPEval.exe: auto-installed when deduplication Enabled

Estimates storage savings amount per volume.